Kegging My Winter Dark Ale – 11/8/12

I kegged my latest brew tonight. My goal was to make some kind of dark winter ale. The beer was brewed with dark chocolate malt, carmel rye malt, and crystal 120. Northern Brewer and Nugget hops were used in the boil to balance the maltiness. OG came out to be 1.07 which I was very happy with. It sits at 7.9% abv after fermentation and tastes great. It has notes of dark chocolate and coffee and the hops give it a nice finish. I made a little video of me kegging it tonight for anyone who has never seen the process. Check it out!

Riding in Yakima: Cowiche Canyon 11/4/12

When you live in Everett, WA in the Fall, sometimes it’s nice to get out to eastern Washington for some sunshine and warmer weather. This past Sunday I did a nice ride out in Yakima, WA. I started out on the road towards Cowiche Canyon. There was a nice 6 min. climb to get to the canyon on the other side. Then, there’s a nice gravel walking path that will lead the more adventurous to some single-track trails up the side of the Canyon. Had an awesome ride up the trails to great view of the surrounding area. Enjoy the video!