Local CF Cycle for Life makes it to the National CFF Website – October 18, 2010

The ride that my roommate and I helped organize has come into the National CFF spotlight. Click here to see the story and visit the national website to learn more about how you can help fight for the cure of Cystic Fibrosis.

Cyclists and committee members Dave Tarnow and Mark Fry pedaled for a cure at the Eurand CF Cycle for Life. Dave, who has CF, uses this quote to fuel his goal of finding a cure for CF: “I ride because I can. I ride because others can’t. I ride because others need a voice. I ride in hope that someday others can ride with me. I ride because someday, I may need someone to ride for me.” (www.cff.org)

Ironman 70.3 Austin – October 17, 2010

What a race! I completed my first Half Ironman this weekend in Austin, TX. The weather was beautiful and so was the scenery. The hills were not so bad on the bike, but the run was a different story. We were surprised by a two or three mile section of off-road running including a long steep hill.

My Swim on Garmin Connect (Keep in mind the gps doesnt work correctly in water.)

My Bike on Garmin Connect (This ride was absolutely beautiful.)

My Run on Garmin Connect


Zipp Wheels – October 2010

I bought these Zipp 404 clinchers from a friend today. I figured they would be better for the race this weekend if I were to get a flat. On my Easton tubulars I would be out of luck and stuck out on the race course waiting for a wheel truck where the extra 46 mm of wheel section would do no good. I will sacrifice a small amount of aerodynamic advantage so that a flat will be a simple five minute fix.

I’m removing these old decals and either leaving the wheels bare or putting 2008 decals on them. I will post pictures after I’m done. They should look great on either of my bikes.

And here they are…


On the P3…



Ironman 70.3 Austin – Coming This Weekend!

After training hard for three months, my big race is coming. It is now less than a week till I will race with hundreds of multi-sport athletes who share the passion for such a great sport. This will be my first Half-Ironman distance race, and I am ready. Some fellow LSU Triathlon Club members and I will be competing together and are driving down to Austin this Friday. I look forward to posting the results and pictures as soon as we are back.

Ironman 70.3 Austin Website.

Race Countdown.